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Post Secondary Planning, Scholarships & OSAP

2023 OSAP presentation will be held on May 16 @ 8:30 in the Conference Centre. 

February 2024 Funding Your Future Presentation

Westlane Post Secondary Planning Info Presentation 2021-2022

Westlane Requirements and information Presentation Presentation 2021-2022

Researching Future Careers

Ontario's Labour Market: search over 500 jobs in the Ontario Labour Market, understand trends, salaries, and job availabilities

Not sure where to start? Take a Career Quiz


Skilled Trades Information

Skilled Trades Presentation (courtesy of E.L. Crossley)

Article: Has COVID 19 Finally Brought Skilled Trades into the Spotlight?

Article: Canada Faces a Huge Trade Worker Shortage

Article: How COVID 19 has Increased Demand for Skilled Trades

STATS CAN: Earning of Journeypersons in Canada

Article: The Trades Have Plenty of Room for Advancement

Financial Guide for University & College Students in Canada

Explore Ontario Colleges
Research Colleges by Programs

Explore Ontario Universities
Research Universities by Program

Scholarship Opportunities


Scholarships Presentation.PDF

DSBN Awards & Scholarships: Introduction and a searchable list with links
Scholarships Canada

Loran Scholar
Schulich Leader Scholarship
MacBain Niagara Falls Scholarship

Storwell's Foster Children Bursary Program

OSAP Calculator
How to apply to OSAP

Westlane will be hosting an OSAP Information Session on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 during period 1. 

DSBN OSAP Presentation April 2024

Note: This central presentation was produced in April 2024 for all DSBN high schools. The 2024-2025 funding formula had not been released at that time so the information was not 100% up to date.

Westlane's Guidance Department will be hosting our own presentation on May 29 during Period 1 and the updated funding formula will be available at that time. 

DSBN OSAP Presentation 2024 Slidedeck

OSAP Presentation 2021.22