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Code of Conduct

Realistic and effective consequences for the failure to comply with the Westlane Code of Conduct are supported by the District School Board of Niagara and the Education Act.

ATTENDANCE  Students are expected to attend school regularly and to attend all classes when at school. Good attendance is essential to be successful in school.  A student who is unable to explain and verify his/her absence with the office upon returning to school will be considered truant.
 PUNCTUALITY Students are expected to be on time for each subject class. If students are late for class, they inconvenience the class and disrupt the learning situation.  See Attendance “Lates”. 
RESPECT FOR PEERS  Students are expected to be courteous and considerate in dealings with other students. Students may not bully or harass others verbally, physically or socially. This expectation extends to written, telephone and Internet communications. Students are required to adhere to school policies when participating in any school sponsored activities (i.e. assemblies, athletic events, field trips, dances & social events).   All students have a right to learn in a safe and non-intimidating environment free from harassment and bullying. School sponsored activities are an extension of the school curriculum. In order to ensure that these activities benefit all students, each activity will have its own rules and regulations.   Students who harass or bully other students will be addressed with regard to such behaviour by teachers and the office. Parents will be notified. Continued bullying or harassment will result in progressive disciplinary action and possible police referral. Students who fight on school property or in proximity to the school will be suspended from school. Students violating school policy during school activities will be removed. In serious cases, the student will be removed from similar activities for the remainder of the school year. 
RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY Students are expected to comply with the federal and provincial laws, with the rules of the school and with the expectations of all school staff and bus drivers within the school, on school property and during school activities.  Schools and teachers have the authority, under the Education Act, to require academic diligence and proper behaviour. All school staff deserve courtesy, consideration and respect. 
 If a teacher finds student behaviour disrespectful, the student may be told to report to the teacher after class or after school. He/she may also be referred to administration.
Students who are asked to leave a class must report directly to the main office.