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Grade 8 students from our FEEDER SCHOOLS (Forestview, Greendale, James Morden, Kate S. Durdan, Orchard Park) complete their course selections using Xello with their Grade 8 teachers and assistance from Westlane's Guidance Teachers. You must access this through D2L (live link below), then look for the Xello widget.

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The deadline for course selections is December 21, 2023 and SIGNED Course Selection Sign Off Sheets need to be returned to Grade 8 teachers.

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Are you not currently a DSBN student?
Do you want to attend Westlane next year?
Information and instructions below: 

Students interested in attending Westlane from another board can complete use this link to start the registration process: DSBN Registration  
Once the online registration is complete, you can expect a phone call from our secretarial staff to set up a meeting with the Vice-Principal to finish the registration process. 


Grade 8 to Grade 9 Transition Information  

  1. Welcome to Westlane Video

  2. Explore our 360° Tour

  3. Westlane Extracurriculars

  4. Westlane's Google Slides Presentation (this is from 2020-2021 so information about applied and academic courses is no longer valid, but the presentation has been included as visits are now in person and there is no e-version): Grade 8 Visits: Transition to Secondary 

  5. Video Tour: Virtual Visit Video Tour by Aidan Bilon & Sydney Hughes

Westlane Requirements and information Presentation Presentation 2021-2022


If you are planning on taking Summer School Gym please read:

Summer School Gym's course code is PAF2O and Grade 9 Gym's course code is PPL1O. This means that students can absolutely take both gym courses and receive a credit for each; the second gym will count as one of you electives. If you wish to replace Grade 9 Gym with an additional elective this can be addressed when school resumes in September. Sign up sheets will be made available and announcements made when Guidance is ready to see those students. Please note that not all changes will be possible and some classes may be full.