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Social Sciences and Humanities

Welcome to the Humanities!

In Family Studies you actively learn about nutrition and how food fuels your body; how to prepare foods you love while supporting a healthy lifestyle are key! Students get a 'taste' of Family Studies while learning how to identify and budget for households. Dabble with interior design and housing; plan a trip to your dream destination; learn how to communicate effectively - experience it all in Family Studies!

We offer Fashion and Clothing Design courses in Grade 10, 11 and 12. Learn how to operate a sewing machine, embroider, knit & crochet, upcycle old clothing, dye fabrics with natural dyes, and make your own clothing and accessories. 

The Social Sciences also examine human and social behaviours, in Introduction of Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology in Grade 11 and Challenge & Change in Society (Sociology) in Grade 12. Study the evolution of humans and our culture, understand how your brain is wired and what makes you tick, and learn about human interactions on both on a micro and a macro scale. 

Grade 12 World Cultures examines elements of culture and social issues through a cultural lens, deepening our understanding of where we're all coming from - and moving forward together.

We also offering Raising Healthy Children (Parenting) in Grade 11. Learn about the stages of pregnancy and taking care of a newborn and try your hand at taking care of one of our Robot babies for a three day (in a row - yes, including nights!)