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Business, Information Technology and Computer Studies

     Any career or occupation you pursue involves Business. Whether you work in gaming design, pursue a trade, work for a Fortune 500 company or own your own business, having business knowledge and skills are important to being successful. What better way to fully understand your work environment than to take courses which will prepare you for high school and beyond.  At Westlane, we offer Business, Information Technology and Computer Science courses in Grades 9 – 12.  On a daily basis all of our courses involve the use of the latest computer technology. You will learn how to effectively use a computer to help with homework, school projects and getting a job. Westlane’s Computer Science courses help to prepare you for the world of programming and game design.
     We give students the opportunity to expand their Business and Computer knowledge by participating in a variety of competitions. These include University of Waterloo programming, Brock University Accounting and Entrepreneurship competitions, Niagara College business plan event, Ontario Business Education and DSBN skills competitions, and DSBN DECA competitions. DECA (Developing Excellence Celebrating Achievement) is an internationally recognized organization which provides students with an opportunity to showcase their business knowledge and presentation skills.
      We look forward to having YOU in Business and Computer Studies classes at Westlane. Our teachers bring real life experiences to the classroom and make learning applicable to all of your classes and to life outside of school. 

  • Mrs. Davis
  • Mr. Fettes
  • Mr. Hilliker