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“At Westlane Diversity Is Our Strength”

Our school fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment. This committed effort from both staff and students results in a dynamic and vibrant school environment that celebrates diversity as an asset and enriches the learning experiences of all.



Westlane’s ESL program is designed to provide English language learners with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve linguistic and cultural competence in English. The ESL classes are designed to help English language learners develop the skills they need to develop proficiency in everyday English and, most especially, the proficiency in academic English that will allow them to integrate successfully into the mainstream school program. The program we offer our English language learners integrates academic language and literacy skills with subject-matter concepts and critical-thinking skills from the very beginning levels of instruction, so that students can gain as much momentum as possible as they progress to full participation in mainstream classes in the various subjects.



English language learners in any grade may be placed in appropriate ESL courses depending on learners’ previous experience with English. There are four ESL courses offered at Westlane. The courses are designated according to levels of proficiency in English and literacy development, not by grade. Students progress through their ESL courses into mainstream English courses. Once they have completed ESL D they can move onto ENG2P/2D then onto senior level English courses.

ESL chart