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Canadian and World Studies

The Canadian and World Studies department is where you belong!

Have you ever seen a dinosaur fossil?  Do you know how to work a GPS?  Do you know how to read a road map?  Take Geography because these are just a few of the neat things you will do. Grade 9 Canadian Geography, Grade 11 Travel & Tourism, Grade 11 Forces of Nature, and Grade 12 Canadian and World Issues are all options.

Ever wonder what it means to be a Spartan?  Is Canada a country we can be proud of?  In History you will study conflicts of the past and present, engage in heated debates, and learn how history has shaped your life. Grade 10 Canadian History, Grade 11 19th Century World History, Grade 11 Ancient Civilizations, and Grade 12 The West and The World (16 & 17 Century History) are available. 

Canadian and World Studies also offers Grade 11 Understanding Canadian Law, Grade 12 Legal Studies, and Grade 12 Canadian & International Law. Interested in law and order?  Is your future in policing or criminal justice?  Take Law and participate in mock trials.

Canadian and World Studies deals with the issues of the past, present and future. 

The teachers are fun, helpful, and Spartacular!  We are cutting edge!  Join us today!