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The Role of Student Success

It is the job of the In-School Team and the Student Success teachers to identify and support students who are 'at-risk' of not graduating. The job of the Student Success teacher is to be a mentor and advocate on behalf of these students. In order to do so, they must be aware of internal and external support systems available to students and help facilitate their use. Some of these supports include:

--specialized timetabling
--workload adjustments
--credit recovery
--specialized co-op programs
--alternative programs and learning environments
--referrals to the school youth counselor, learning resource teacher or nurse
--referrals to the board social worker or attendance counsellor
--referrals to outside counselling / health / social assistance agencies

Most importantly, the Student Success Teacher must have ongoing consultations about individual students who are deemed 'at-risk' with the curriculum expert, the classroom teacher.  The Student Success Teacher's job is to mentor and advocate each student, but ultimately it is up to the classroom teacher to evaluate and assess the student.