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History of Student Success

Student Success initiatives were established by the Ministry of Education in 2005 with the focus of designing and implementing programs that would help all students achieve their fullest potential to succeed in secondary school. The Westlane staff are proud to support this program and its fundamental aim at helping students succeed. 

Purpose of Student Success Programs

The goal of Student Success is to engage every student by recognizing and supporting their unique interests, needs, goals and strengths.  Various ways of support include: helping students transition from Grade 8 to 9, connecting students with alternative programming offered in the DSBN, guiding students that are “at-risk” of meeting graduation requirements, and assisting students who are in need of both academic and social/emotional support.

Available Programs and Resources

  • Student Success Workroom
  • Special Education/Resource Room
  • Peer Tutors in the Classrooms
  • Credit Rescue / Credit Recovery / Credit Completion Opportunities
  • Individualized Timetables
  • Other DSBN alternative education programs

In-School Student Success Team (ISSST) at Westlane

Mrs. K. Simpson                -              Principal

Mrs. J. Reid                         -            Vice-Principal

Mr.  K. Howard                  -              Student Success Teacher

Mrs. S. Morgan                 -              Special Education Program Leader

Mrs. S. Bilon                       -            Student Services Program Leader

Mrs. M. Miller                    -              Student Services Teacher

Mr. D. Mazzone                -              Cooperative Education Teacher

Ms. R. Katzman                 -             Youth Counsellor

Mrs. M. Low                       -             Social Worker

Mrs. T. Terrick                   -              ESL Support Teacher