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Course Selections for 2024-2025 School Year

  • The course selection process for the 2024-2025 school year will begin on February 2th.
  • Grade assemblies will be held so Guidance can explain all the course offerings.
  • Students will complete course selections with classes following the schedule provided by Guidance. Mrs. Bilon and Mrs. Miller will assist each student with course selections. 
  • Course were locked in by the system on February 15th.
  • The narrated version of the grade assemblies that was created during COVID remains on this page for reference. It is lengthy but much of the information continues to be useful. 
  • Students are encouraged to take time to carefully consider their options and future plans.  They should talk to their parent / guardian as well as their Guidance Teacher should they have questions.
  • DO NOT PANIC if you are not 100% certain of your course selections, you will have an opportunity at mid-term to review your choices and ask Guidance to make any changes. Guidance will provide each student with a print out of their selections and a form to request changes. These will be handed out to each student with mid-terms in April. 
  • If you have questions drop into Guidance! 
  • Please make sure you are a member of the Guidance Google Classroom for your grade.

  • The Course Descriptions, as found in Xello, are linked below and have already been updated with current course offerings; you can review these at any time.


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Westlane Course Selections Slideshow 2022-2023

Westlane Course Selections 2021-2022 Presentation
This presentation is from COVID as referenced above. This includes a voiceover that provides an explanation of all course offerings, pathways, pre-requisites, and how to choose your courses. 

Complete Course Guide from Xello


Not sure what courses to take?  Do you want to learn more about your learning style, career options or post-secondary institutions? 
Look for the Xello widget within eLearning using the link:

Xello Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2


Community Education Links

Looking for Night School, Summer Programming or e-Learning info?  Check out the links below to see what the DSBN offers.  Please see a Guidance Counsellor if you are interested in signing up.

Programs and Services offered at DSBN