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Updated on February 2022

Course Selections for 2022-2023 School Year

  • Course selections for next year will opened on February 8th.
  • You will complete course selections with your classes following the schedule provided by Guidance. Mrs. Bilon and Mrs. Miller will assist each student with course selections. 
  • Course were locked in by the system on February 17th.
  • The narrated version of the grade assemblies that was created last year remains on this page for reference. It is lengthy but much of the information continues to be useful. 
  • Students are encouraged to take time to carefully consider their options and future plans.  They should talk to their parent / guardian as well as their Guidance Teacher should they have questions.
  • DO NOT PANIC if you are not 100% certain of your course selections, you will have an opportunity around mid-term to review your choices and ask Guidance to make any changes. Guidance will provide each student with a print out of their selections and a form to request changes. These will be handed out during their period 5 class around mid-terms in April. 
  • If you have questions drop into Guidance! 
  • Please make sure you are a member of the Guidance Google Classroom for your grade.

  • The Course Descriptions by Discipline below have already been updated with current course offerings; you can review these at any time.


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Westlane Course Selections Slideshow 2022-2023

Westlane Course Selections 2021-2022 Presentation
This is last year's presentation as referenced above. This includes a voiceover that provides an explanation of all course offerings, pathways, pre-requisites, and how to choose your courses. 

Career Cruising- career-cruising

Not sure what courses to take?  Do you want to learn more about your learning style, career options or post-secondary institutions? 
Look for the Career Cruising widget within eLearning using the link:


Community Education Links

Looking for Night School, Summer Programming or e-Learning info?  Check out the links below to see what the DSBN offers.  Please see a Guidance Counsellor if you are interested in signing up.

Programs and Services offered at DSBN