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 Science Courses Offered




Applied Science, Academic Science


Applied Science, Academic Science


College Biology, University Biology, University Chemistry, University Physics,
College/University Environmental Science, Workplace Environmental Science


University Biology, College Chemistry, University Chemistry, College Physics, University Physics, College/University Science, Workplace Science

 Science Teachers
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Mrs. C. Coppel

B.Sc. Guelph
Grade 9,10 Science
Biology, Chemistry

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Mr. A. Sarvis

M. Sc. Brock
Grade 9,10 Science
Environmental Science


Mr. M. Simon

B.Sc. Waterloo
Grade 9,10 Science

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Mrs. B. Worman-Purnell

B. Sc. Brock
Grade 9,10 Science

 Ms. W-P img

Mr. A. Zeffiro

B. Sc. McMaster
Grade 9,10 Science

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Westlane: The Asteroid

Westlane has an asteroid named in its honour. It was discovered by Westlane graduates.
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada    NASA