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Co-op Paperwork & Assignments

Co-op Student Contract (this describes the course evaluation as well as student expectations)
Weekly Log Sheet - PDF version (one of these sheets MUST be completed for EACH week of the semester)
Weekly Log Sheet - MS Word version (this version allows you to type in the fields instead of filling them in by hand)
Log Sheet Schedule Fall 2014 (this shows you the Log Sheet # that corresponds to each week of the semester)
Employer Evaluation MIDTERM (your placement supervisor uses this form to evaluate you at Mid Term)
Employer Evaluation FINAL (your placement supervisor uses this form to evaluate you at the end of the semester)
Co-op PPLP Curriculum Expectations (this is a list of expectations you will need to complete the Personalized Placement Learning Plan in the Student Handbook)
Thank You Letter Assignment - Prior to completing your co-op, you will compose a Thank You Letter. This letter will be given to your employer prior to the end of your co-op experience.