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Athletic Awards

    Each year Westlane Athletes are honoured at different points throughout the school year.  Westlane is proud of our student athletes and the high levels they achieve both on and off the field of play. It is important to Westlane staff that our athletes are good citizens in the school and good ambassadors for the school when they travel to compete against other schools.  We honour our athletes in many ways including: Athlete of the month, team specific awards, and school wide awards.

Athletic Award Winners 2020-2021

Christina Grimo and Aaron Nguyen 
Senior Female and Male Athletes of the Year

Athletic ChristinaAthletic Aaron

Jordan Nguyen and Amy Edwards
Junior Male and Female Athlete of the Year  

Athletic JordanAthletic Amy

Leslie and Neslie Ombao and Isaiah Vanegas
Spartan Spirit and Athletics Award

Athletic NeslieAthletic JordanAthletic Leslie

Lucas Pearson, Golf MVP

Emily Crane, Tennis MVP

Mikayla Arnold and Kayla Zytaruk, Ultimate Frisbee Spirit Awards
Chase McKernan, Ultimate Frisbee Long Bomb

Amy Edwards and Vivian Nguyen, Jr. Girls Basketball MVPs

Marko Zivkovic, Senior Boys Volleyball Offensive MVP
Kevin Del Vecchio, Senior Boys Volleyball Defensive MVP

Ashley Herrera, Cheerleading Best Spirit

Chris Pettorossi, Junior Boys Football Offensive MVP
Michael Grimo, Junior Boys Football Defensive MVP

Isaiah Vanegas and Jeffrey Vujovic, Senior Boys Football MVPs

Abby Jackson and Aidan Bilon, Cross Country Outstanding Runners

Ben Rogers, Curling MVP

Tyler Proppe, Boys Hockey MVP
Isaiah Vanegas, Boys Hockey Coach’s Award

Jordan Nguyen, Junior boys basketball MVP
Thomas Woodruff, Junior boys basketball Rookie of the Year

 Waleed Al Basha, Senior Boys Basketball MVP
Jacob Firlotte, Senior Boys Basketball Rookie of the Year

 Vivan Nguyen, Junior Girls Volleyball Offensive MVP
Sydney Pritchard, Junior Girls Volleyball Defensive MVP

Christina Grimo, Senior Girls Volleyball Offensive MVP
Deanna Barnes, Senior Girls Volleyball Defensive MVP

Athletic Awards 2021

Westlane Spartans Athletic Awards 2019-20