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Westlane Boys Volleyball

The Junior and Senior Boys' Volleyball teams start tryouts within the first week of school in September. The season for each team consists of 8-12 games and runs from September to November. This is a great way for new and old Westlane students to start the year off right. This is where wall of fame inductee and professional volleyball player Shawn Barbisan got his start!

Schedule & Results

NRHSAA Volleyball Website  http://www.dsbn.edu.on.ca/athletics/secondary.aspx?id=15423


Junior Boys Team

Senior Boys Team

Billy Armstrong
Cameron Casey
Jakob Meagher
Kunj Patel
Kyle Pearson
Luke Marshall
Muhammad Athar Jamal
Spencer Royce

 Alex Moore
Cody Daneluik
Cody Pham
Kared Klassen
Jon Malley
Luke Rymarchuk
Mile Perencevic
Nick Grady
Riley Hostick
Sam Carvajal
Sasha Gajic
Shaan Sohail
Teodor Crnobrnja
Veljko Todorovic



2013 - 2014 Junior Boys Coaches

2013 - 2014 Senior Boys Coaches

Mr Etherington

 Ms. Devereux