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Westlane Boys' Soccer

The school offers either a Junior and Senior boys' team or varsity team depending on the number of students trying out for the team. Practices begin following the March Break and usually start indoor. Each team of 20 plays a 6 to 8 game season that runs through May. Uniforms are provided for players. Students must provide their own soccer spikes. The regular schedule is usually supplemented by 1 or 2 tournaments.

Schedule & Results

NRHSAA Soccer Website  http://dsbn.org/athletics/secondary.aspx?id=15419



2014 - 2015 Junior Boys' Soccer Team

 2014 - 2015 Senior Boys' Soccer Team

Abdel Abdelrahman
Taz Cain
Mohammed Abualhour
Yousseif Abdelghany
Hussein Sheikh-Ali
Alex Golia
Jacob Edwards
Calvin Armstrong
Cameron Carey
Matt Twocock
Daniel Jones
Shameer Khan
John Fitt
Kyle Campbell
Teodor Crnobrnja
Jay Patel
Abdulrahman Badr

Lucas Marcon
Sasha Gajic
Nick Mazzone
Mile Perencevic
Abdel Chehade
Ali Alighazi
Ahmed Nahle
Ryan Wang
Alex Moore
Hung Vo
Harsh Amin
Harshal Amin
Abdulkadir Adam
Kevin Rodriguez
John Gawronski
Kolin Mayne
Srdjan Knezevic
Fabian Gomez
Marc Currell-Garcia




Mr. Zeffiro
Mr. Golia